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Watt Key

Terror at Bottle Creek

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2016

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Chapters 33-41Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 33 Summary

Cort knows he cannot drop down to where Rusty is waiting for him but the only other tree he could move into has Elmo the bear in it. He uses his spear to poke the bear, making him climb up higher, before leaping into the bear’s tree. Rusty is attacking the base of the tree, but Elmo only climbs higher, giving no sign of wanting to attack Cort. However, there are no more sturdy trees between Cort and the water. Worse, the water itself is full of alligators surrounded by the partly-eaten bodies of deer, hogs, and snakes.

Chapter 34 Summary

Cort’s only option is to jump onto a weaker tree, past the alligators on the bank. It is not much of a plan and he is sure he is going to his death, but he sees no other option. He remembers his father’s advice not to agitate alligators by thrashing around or acting scared but to try and be as calm as possible. He leaps onto the tree, which snaps, dumping him into the water. Despite the alligators all around, Cort manages to calm his terror and walks, and then swims, as calmly as he can.