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Sharon Creech

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2003

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Part 2, Chapters 32-38Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 2, Chapter 32 Summary: “Snakes...”

Granny Torrelli gives each of the children a bit of dough, and they roll it into snakes. At Grandma’s urging, Rosie puts her hands over Bailey’s to show him how to form the dough. Rosie’s anger abates. She thinks both good and terrible things, and she enjoys watching Bailey and never wants him to leave. She also wants the snakes to slither over to Janine’s house. Granny Torrelli then encourages Rosie to show Bailey how to make cavatelli. She puts her hands over his and shows him how to make the pieces into little canoes. The kitchen and Rosie feel calm.

Part 2, Chapter 33 Summary: “Sauce...”

It is time to make the sauce, and Granny Torrelli gathers all of the ingredients. Rosie asks her grandmother to continue telling them the story about Violetta. Granny Torrelli says that a good thing happened. The good thing is Marco. He was a cute boy who moved next door to Granny Torrelli. Marco found Granny Torrelli ”enchanting.” Pardo did not like Marco. Bailey observes that Pardo now knows how Granny Torrelli felt. Granny Torrelli stops the story and has the children begin to make meatballs.